About Us

Elwell Candle Co. was started by two sisters from Virginia. Our grandfather was a corn and soybean farmer in Illinois. We grew up hearing stories of his farm and learned from his hard work ethic. This is what inspired us when we sought a natural base for our candles. fsOzF4.jpg Pictured is our Grandfather, L.D. Elwell, working on tractor.

We use a soy wax that is made from 100% soy bean oil, from soy beans grown in the United States.

This is a blended wax that contains a soy-based additive and is both FDA-approved and Kosher-certified.

The rough, bumpy tops after burning a soy wax candle shows the candle is made with an all-natural soy wax, and that no artificial additives (such as paraffin wax) were added. 

In The News

Our Cranberry Woods and Gingerbread candles were recently named by Self Magazine as Holiday Candles You'll Want To Burn All Winter Long